Some Catholics

I love Jesuits, in spite of myself.

Some Catholics are a seminarian who goes down to the basement chapel at 10:00 on a Wednesday night, expecting it to be empty and dark and to spend a holy hour with the Lord enthroned in the tabernacle, only to find the tabernacle open, just half a sacred host remaining in its golden recesses, and one of the priest-formators there, vesting to say Mass.

Some Catholics are the priest who found the Holy of Holies depleted, and prepared the sanctuary to celebrate a Votive Mass of the Blessed Virgin without a second thought—Mass, because what else is there to do with only half a host in the tabernacle, when you are a priest of the Lord Jesus Christ and it is given unto you to consecrate His Body and Blood with your own hands? (Mass for the Blessed Virgin, because if you do not love the Mother of God, how can you love the Body of Christ? How?)

Some Catholics are my friend Tony, who came downstairs looking for a quiet place to read and pray and discovered instead the blood of Christ being shed quietly, on his altar, facing toward the sunrise, in the dark, and who came and knelt with me behind the altar in silent adoration until it was all over.

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