Like an acorn knows the warm earth
like a window knows the sky
like a votive candle knows the vastness and the breadth of its smoke
and where it goes

Like a glance between brothers bears volumes of knowing
like whether you are now paying attention
like whether you slept well the night before
and why not

Like a question not asked and not answered
which just hangs there
sucking up all the air

Like the breathless moment before a


Like a kiss foreseen and all the sweeter for it
Like a moment dreamed of and better than you dreamed
Like hands brush across the vast divide of concomitant realities

Like steam rises onto your face from a faucet left running
Like 2,238 miles in one and one-eighth inch
Like the oceans in a mouthful
in a morsel
and more than all the oceans all at once

Like warm light pierces clear glass
and falls haphazardly on cool grass through branches

Like collapsing into an embrace saying
and hearing
or knowing
like the heart knows its beating
“I love you”
and again
“I love him”
and at once
“you love him”
“he loves you”
“he loves me”
all quite identical

Like in the end and now
one plus one equals

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