St. Frances of Rome

Noli timere … quod enim in ea natum est, de Spiritu Sancto est. (Matt 1:20)

One night in the dark my brother,
when I’d told him to trust in God
and ask humbly his will be done,
told me, with a guileless honesty,
“it’s the only prayer I know.”

It was that prayer I prayed
in the vastness from under the cross
when I laid my life on the altar
and begged you lead me where you will,
and the prayer I have prayed ever since.

Every blessed day You are done in me!
though I grumble and wish it were faster,
though I favor my ways over yours—
even then! your will like a river,
course altered, rushes on to the sea.

What have I to fear but my fear?—
And even that no more a scandal
than a rock to a mighty current
which by numberless moments is smoothed
from a break in the stream to a bridge

on its journey from source to source.

This is day 29 of LABIA MUNDA, a series of forty poems during the forty days of Lent. 

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