On this rare sunny morning under a cloudless blue sky, let’s talk about life on other worlds. C.S. Lewis’ Space trilogy can teach us something very important about our own spiritual life here on “the Silent Planet.”

If the player above is not working, click here for the permanent link. 

Opening music: “Alma Redemptoris Mater,” motet for four voices, arr. Palestrina (1604), performed by King’s Singers, Cambridge, 2016. All rights reserved.



3 thoughts on “The Fruit You’re Eating

  1. I’m home sick today and was so excited to see you posted another podcast! I’ve already listened to it and it hit home with what the Lord is doing in my life right now. Plus, it made me want to pick up the Space Trilogy and give it a go! I started to read the first one years ago but wasn’t able to follow. But perhaps I can now! Anyway, thank you Brother Matthew for sharing your thoughts! Praise be to the Lord!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! Where are you that you’re homesick for Portland? I have been listening to the Space Trilogy on audiobook while I drive (or walk) — could be worth a try 🙂

      1. Oh sorry, not homesick, home sick. Hahahaha! I stayed home from work because I was sick. And that’s great to hear about the audiobook! I have some long drives ahead of me this week (I’m heading to CA tomorrow) so audiobooks would be great!

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