Little Verses from Holy Week


Desístite, et agnóscite me Deum, excélsum in géntibus, excélsum in terra!

Desist! and confess that I am God, *
exalted among the nations, exalted upon the earth.

Wednesday of Holy Week | Ps 46:11


Ego autem semper tecum ero;
apprehendísti manum déxteram meam.

Yet with you I shall always be; *
you have hold of my right hand.

Thursday of the Lord’s Supper | Ps 73:23


Dómine, coram te est omne desidérium meum,
et gémitus meus te non latet.

O Lord, all my desire is before you; *
from you my groaning is not hid.

Friday of the Lord’s Passion and Death | Ps 38:10


Exsúltat ut gigas percúrrens viam.

A strong man runs his course with joy.

Holy Saturday | Ps 19:5

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