Now is the Time

This homily was given at Our Lady of the Mountain Parish, Ashland, OR on the memorial of St. Maria Goretti, July 6, 2022. The audio is available here.

There is one vice students know better than most.


“If it’s due tomorrow … I’ll do it tomorrow.” 

As an undergrad, I wrote the last 20 pages of my capstone project in a marathon all-nighter, the night before it was due. 

But it’s not just students who fall into this trap.

All of us can be tempted to leave off something difficult for another day.

“I’ll start that diet after my birthday.”

“I’ll forgive that person who insulted me when I’m good and ready.”

The problem with procrastination is that what we can postpone one day, we can usually put off for another, and another … and another.

But there does come a last day … a due date for us all.

Jesus Christ has come to seek the lost, to heal us and call us to conversion.

Our whole life on earth, from our first day to our last breath, is our response to that call.

And every day, we choose again, either to follow Him—or another master.

Now it is time to seek the Lord—not tomorrow.

For “the kingdom of heaven is at hand: repent and believe in the Gospel.”

Today, commit to making a good confession this Saturday.

There will be confessions in Medford at 3:30 or Central Point at 4:00.

Now, in a moment of silence, we open our hearts to Jesus and examine our consciences, saying: “Lord, send your Holy Spirit to illuminate our minds and grant me knowledge of all my sins. Bring forth into the light everything you desire to heal and forgive.”

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