On Worship ‘Ad Orientem’

“It was much to the devil’s advantage to turn the priest around to the people, creating a charmed circle of neighborly affirmation that brought the experience of the Mass down to the level of a horizontal exchange, a back-and-forth in everyday speech. There is nothing transcendent about that; on the contrary, God is domesticated, tamed,Continue reading “On Worship ‘Ad Orientem’”

A homily of St. Jerome, Priest

“Out of respect and honor for Matthew, the other Evangelists did not wish to give him his usual name. They called him Levi; for he had two names. But Matthew (according to the saying of Solomon, ‘The just man is the first to accuse himself,’ and again, ‘Confess your sins that you may be justified’)Continue reading “A homily of St. Jerome, Priest”

Bl. Cardinal Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster

I close my eyes, and while my lips murmur the words of the Breviary which I know by heart, I leave behind their literal meaning, and feel that I am in that endless land where the Church, militant and pilgrim, passes, walking towards the promised fatherland. I breathe with the Church in the same lightContinue reading “Bl. Cardinal Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster”

Little Verses from Holy Week

Desístite, et agnóscite me Deum, excélsum in géntibus, excélsum in terra! Desist! and confess that I am God, * exalted among the nations, exalted upon the earth. Wednesday of Holy Week | Ps 46:11 Ego autem semper tecum ero; apprehendísti manum déxteram meam. Yet with you I shall always be; * you have hold ofContinue reading “Little Verses from Holy Week”