From the spiritual writings of St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

“The world is in flames: do you wish to put them out? Contemplate the Cross: from the open Heart the blood of the Redeemer pours, blood which can put out even the flames of hell. Through the faithful observance of the vows you make your heart free and open; and then the floods of thatContinue reading “From the spiritual writings of St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross”

Reflections on Summer Assignment

Do you ever think about the hidden life of Jesus? I remember my postulant master, Fr. Robert of Divine Mercy, observing once that the Lord had lived 30 years in obscurity and obedience to Mary and Joseph before the 3 brief years of his public life.  The hidden life of Jesus: hidden, that is, underContinue reading “Reflections on Summer Assignment”

Vox Pastoris | The Voice of the Shepherd

It was important for me that the Church is one with herself interiorly, with her own past: that what was previously holy to her is not somehow wrong now. The rite must develop; in that sense, reform is appropriate. But the continuity must not be ruptured.” Friends, I was deeply impressed and moved by this testimony ofContinue reading “Vox Pastoris | The Voice of the Shepherd”