This year, I’ve decided to start a semi-weekly podcast during my morning walks around Mount Angel. In it, I will be talking about spirituality and seminary life, philosophy, literature, poetry, and whatever else strikes my fancy. Ultimately, I hope every word of this show is about Jesus, and like the early Dominicans said about their holy founder,  “Dominic seldom spoke unless it was to God or about Him.” May every word and every step bring us closer to Him! Come, take a walk with me!

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Episode 001: “The Inaugural Episode”:
24 January 2018 | St. Francis de Sales | Mount Angel, Ore.

Episode 002: “The Fruit You’re Eating”:
30 January 2018 | Tuesday in the Fourth Week after Epiphany | Mount Angel, Ore.

Episode 003: “Prayer, Fasting, & Almsgiving”:
15 February 2018 | Thursday after Ash Wednesday | Mount Angel, Ore.

Episode 004.1: “Discernment and Desire, Part One”:
6 March 2018 | Tuesday in the Third Week of Lent | Mount Angel, Ore.

Episode 004.2: “Discernment and Desire, Part Two”:
7 March 2018 | Wednesday in the Third Week of Lent | Mount Angel, Ore.

Episode 005: “Love and Providence”:
21 August 2018 | St. Pius X | Menlo Park, Calif.

Episode 006: “Our Mother”:
26 August 2018 | External Solemnity of the Immaculate Heart of Mary | San Jose, Calif.

Episode 007: “The Poorest of the Poor”:
2 September 2018 | 15th Sunday after Pentecost | Menlo Park, Calif.

Episode 008: “Every Moment Was Right”:
10 September 2018 | Monday in the 16th Week after Pentecost | Menlo Park, Calif.

Episode 009: “A Plan of God’s Love”:
17 September 2018 | St. Albert of Jerusalem, Bishop, and Lawgiver of Carmel | Menlo Park, Calif.

Episode 010: “The Head and the Body”:
23 September 2018 | 18th Sunday after Pentecost | Menlo Park, Calif.

Episode 011: “My Vocation is Love”:
1 October 2018 | St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face | Menlo Park, Calif.

Episode 012: “An Indelible Seal”:
11 November 2018 | 5th Resumed Sunday after Epiphany | Menlo Park, Calif.