Third Saturday of Lent

I don’t know what I would do without the laughter, and the stories, and the injokes, and the nicknames, and the endless brotherly mocking, without the hugs, and the crying, and the praying in the night, without the living heart beating in the silent golden well pumping love throughout the body that is us all.Continue reading “Third Saturday of Lent”

Third Thursday of Lent

The ends of me are fraying, like bléssed cord grown worn from being bound. I hear a soft voice saying “is it for you that grace gains ground?— Or might it be the other way around?” Another hour praying, another hour waiting for the sound of your Holy Spirit laying tongues of fire to redound uponContinue reading “Third Thursday of Lent”

Second Saturday of Lent

Piecemeal peace, pool-cover peace, sweater-over-a-shirtstain peace: breathe in, count 8, breathe out to 12. Speak softly, slowly, that’s the key. Heart beats with the click-clack of a train down the train-tracks regular and fast, too fast to stop. Peace like a fishbowl, peace like a jam-jar moth hammering at the glass to get to theContinue reading “Second Saturday of Lent”