Alleluia a Quattro Voci

I. Calix The world receives the sun as by intinction, as dipped once in blue-heavenloft seas, and delicately placed on her fog tóngue. Night blurs into day without distinction. Light gathers in dawn-patterns, morning breeze suffuses dream-dark, bells’-strings plucked, are rung. Men walk like sheep asleep in twos and threes alone, some from one houseContinue reading “Alleluia a Quattro Voci”

A sonnet for David

The Earth sends forth her spirit in gold-blooms, sweet perfumes, let loose to rise to Heaven: fràgrance of marigold and pine assumed, Earth’s offering to Father of that leaven which is our joy and makes mens’ spirits rise! In Joseph-month, cool-lemon-sunlight season, God’s grandeur: our inheritance and prize! His love, hearts’-fire and the air weContinue reading “A sonnet for David”