Reflections on Summer Assignment

Do you ever think about the hidden life of Jesus? I remember my postulant master, Fr. Robert of Divine Mercy, observing once that the Lord had lived 30 years in obscurity and obedience to Mary and Joseph before the 3 brief years of his public life.  The hidden life of Jesus: hidden, that is, underContinue reading “Reflections on Summer Assignment”

Exitus & Redditus

Once, alone late at night with the Blessed Presence in the chapel, I wrote these lines: “How often I waste so much energy trying to seize hold of the gifts you are giving me, Father. As if a man could hold the ocean in his hands. They say you give and you take away … I think, God, you always give. Your very nature is pure gift. But you give like the ocean gives to the shore. The ocean lives and forms the shore because it is in motion! If it were still it would not be the sea… [ 3743 more words ]

Reflections on Postulancy

            Morning sun transforms drooping leaves of palm-trees into dazzling green-gold fringes on the noble vestment of the sky.             Black coffee in the bottom of a plain white cup,             Pure white cotton draping over rough brown wool.             In the corner, the Paschal candle on a golden lamp-standContinue reading “Reflections on Postulancy”


They [religious] live more purely, they fall more rarely, they rise more speedily, they are aided more powerfully, they live more peacefully, they die more securely, and they are rewarded more abundantly.”   —St. Bernard of Clairvaux It would be fair—if a little ironic—to say that my discernment of my vocation with the Carmelites really beganContinue reading “Carmelites”


Your holy impatience to serve God does not displease him!—But it is sterile if it does not come accompanied by an effective improvement in your daily conduct.” —St. Josemaría Escrivá, The Way Coming to Mt. Angel marked an enormous shift in my spiritual life. Where before I had been growing by inches, and often, like the proverbial iceberg,Continue reading “Dominicans”